Miracle Care

Miracle Care Services

House Keeping and Laundry
We are happy to do light housekeeping services including vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms (sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, taking out trash), straightening clients rooms. We will also, wash/ dry/ fold and iron laundry to the specifications given us by the client.

Grocery Shopping
Caregivers will personally shop for groceries at stores of their clients’ preference and run errands, such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office. We are happy to accompany any client to do any errand. We will provide transportation for other needs, such as taking clients to medical appointments, barbershops, beauty salons, shopping or whatever our clients might need.

Medication Reminders
We can help ensure that clients take their own medication as prescribed.

We are happy to assist clients with washing and combing their hair and other grooming and bathing tasks.

More Extensive Services
Whether a few hours a day, long term care or 24 hour a day care, we are here for you. We are also trained to help with toileting needs. Twenty-four hours day Caregiver can assist you.

Living Care
Our Team members are available 24-hours a day for help with bathing, dressing, medication reminders or other activities. We are happy to do light housekeeping services. Also prepare hot day to day meal for all clients

Shower & Bed Bath
We are willing to assist with bath and set a regular time for bathing. We check for bed rashes and sores. We will have large towels that you can completely wrap around the person for privacy and warmth, shampoo and soap ready before you tell the person that it’s time to bathe. Afterwards we are willing to get him or her dressed.

Respite Care
Respite care
takes many different forms.
1. Engaging family members in their family day to day life. Asking family members to help, while you run an errand for the client.
2. Volunteer your time by assisting
3. Is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home
4. Talking openly and regularly. Keep everyone up to date on your loved one’s needs and condition. Family members who don’t share the day-to-day caretaking experience may not fully appreciate the situation
5. When family siblings are unable or unwilling to share the load, peer support can be invaluable.
6. Respite can also be a source of prevention for potential youth/elder abuse and neglect. Respite care also serves to enhance a family’s overall well being and stability. Uninterrupted and persistent stress among family caregivers has been shown to contribute to negative health outcomes, increased use of medications and increases in depression.

Attendant Care
Maintains a good number of trained, experienced, and state certified private duty caregivers. Caregivers, the men and women who care for family members and loved ones, deserve to be recognized and supported for the vital part they play in the lives of people with Paralysis.
• Homemaking
• Miracle Care Workers
• Homemaker
• Personal care, and
• General supervision
• Activities of daily living
• Caregiving
• Healthcare Professions

1. Care works, one paid to accompany or assist you with your day to day living.
2. Our personalized and non-profit caregiver services give our clients the companionship that they need to maintain their independence while remaining in the comfort of their home.
3. Miracle Care companion helps families who are caring for your individuals with disabilities.
4. Miracle Care compassionate caregiver is to utilize all resources by assisting clients with their day to day life and needs.

Home- Delivered Meal
Miracle Care is a non-profit business and operated business dedicated to providing great tasting, nutritionally balanced, FRESH meals to meet the needs of the clients in population. Miracle Care also offer an important opportunity to check on the welfare of the homebound disability and are encouraged to report any health or other problems to the Miracle Care Company.

Transportation service
1. Doctor’s appointment
2. Community activities
3. Prescriptions pick up
4. Barbershops, beauty salons
5. Grocery Shopping