Miracle Care

Miracle Care Partners

This is an organization that really care about the disability youth and adults of the world and from the CEO to on down in the orgainization, WE ALL CARE. We are looking for partners with that same thought pattern to give them an opportunity to join Miracle Care in assisting in the caring for our youth and adults in their disabilities to help them feel like they also have a place here on earth.

More partners coming soon…

Requirements to become a Miracle Care Parnter:

1. Must contribute a minimum of $1,000 funding per year to Miracle Care every year for 5 years.

2. Must participate/volunteer in the different events with Miracle Care every year for 5 years.

3. Must assist in the growing of Miracle Care’s business when needed.

All the above must be met to become a Miracle Care partner unless Board of Directors Team or Executive Management Team vote and approve you as being a partner.