Miracle Care Disability Services,Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization  located in Memphis,Tennessee.

Miracle Care is a newly formed company that will provide high quality service for all our clients. after working at several different caregiver agencies, the owner of Miracle Care has her own idea of how to help Families that have disability needs. Our goal is to focus emphasis on improving special need clients, increasing health, as well as life style, and to encourage collaborative partnerships. Our focus is to keep our clients at home, where their hearts are, and to help them avoid loss of friends and possessions, loss of independence and freedom, and loss of spirit which is drained by battles daily living. Our caring services make it possible for the clients  to maintain as much independence as possible by providing the appropriate in-home assistance, day service and companionship. We pride ourselves on matching highly qualified, compassionate caregivers to fit the personality, interests, and sense of humor of our clients. In that way, we lift the spirits not only of clients, but of family caregivers as well.

If you or a love one live in the Memphis area and wish to remain independent in your home for as long as possible, then contact Miracle Care Services to discuss your care needs. In-home, Day services care is our specialty, and we can help you.


Where we take the load off the family

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Together, we can make a difference

Miracle Care provides Affordable services   24 hours a day 7 days week in-home care  and day-services Monday- Friday 7am 6pm  also few hours day

                                Mission Statement

" The  mission of Miracle Care, Inc. Is to advance independence disability quality caregiver service, giving clients help, hope and a happy lifestyle"

Our Vision

Miracle Care, Inc. work to support families with all types of developmental disabilities to have an affect fulfilling and honorable lives.

We make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and our clients' families by providing the best care possible.

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114Drive  Cedar Hill Ave New Haven, CT 06511 us
1-203- 498-9116•  alwaystreatedwithlove@gmail.com

Miracle Care Provide Afforadable Services 24 HoursType your paragraph here.

Miracle Care, Caregivers Assistance  our Client with every needs..

Where we take the load off the family

Light Housekeeping         Light Personal Care

  • Dust                                 Medication reminders
  • Vacuum                          Monitor bathing
  • Clean kitchen                Grooming monitoring
  • Organize closets          Dressing monitoring
  • Change the linen          Answer the phone
  • Light ironing           Transfers/ Extensive transfer

Miscellaneous                       Errands &Transportation

  • Companionship              Groceries and shopping
  • Conversation                   Pick up prescription
  • Prepare breakfast          Movie events
  • Pet care                             Dine  out for meals
  • Assistance with games    Handle dry cleaning
  • Mend clothes                    Stamps, mail packages
  • Answer the phone           Attend church services
Call Us: 203-498-9116

Miracle Care Provide Afforadable Services 24 Hours day

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