Miracle Care

About Miracle Care

Miracle Care, where you are Always Treated with Love, is a disability caregiver service that is located in the Memphis, Tennessee area. It has been a long dream of mine to start a company to help people with cerebral palsy and other development disability problems. Miracle Care is a newly formed company that will provide high quality service for all of our clients. After working at several different caregiver agencies, I now have my own idea of what I would do to help special need people. People with cerebral palsy have a wide range of abilities and disabilities. Our goal is to focus our emphasis on improving special need clients’, increasing health, as well as life style, and to encourage collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission

Miracle Care – your disability quality caregiver service, giving client help, hope and a happy lifestyle.

Our Vision

To support people with all types of developmental disabilities to live fulfilling and honorable lives.

Our Team

Ms. Andrea Williams

She started her career by working in the Public school system for 14 years of assistance teacher by working in disability classroom in the Memphis Tennessee area. And from there move into the disabilities Caregiver agencies. Miracle Care is a company that will provide high quality care for all of their clients. After working at many caregiver agencies, she now has her own ideas to help special need people prior being a caregiver. She has volunteered her time and effort to the New Direction Feed the Needy program, Independent Living, Federation for the Blind, Clover Nut, Power Center Academy, Gorman’s Elementary Charter school, Memphis Falcon little League football, been a mentor at Project Aware Mentoring Program, Homeless Shelter and Nursing homes because she cares so passionately for people needs. Ms. Williams has three kids, two girls and one boy of her own and has her Bachelor Degree in Sociology from University of Phoenix and also has many Certifications in these areas: CPR, First Aid, Protection from harm, Seizure Prevent and Child License. Ms. Williams will be an asset and a mentor for the Miracle Care employees and volunteers.