Miracle Care

Welcome to Miracle Care

Miracle Care, where you are Always Treated with Love, is a disability caregiver service that is located in the Memphis, Tennessee area. It has been a long dream of the owner to start a company to help people with the following problems:

Miracle Care is a newly formed company that will provide high quality service for all of our clients. After working at several different caregiver agencies, the owner of Miracle Care have her own idea of how to help Families that have disability needs. Our goal is to focus our emphasis on improving special need clients, increasing health, as well as life style, and to encourage collaborative partnerships.

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CareGivers Responsiblities

This list of Caregiver Rights will help you re-focus some time and energy on caring for yourself and let you know that it’s not unusual to feel under-appreciated, frustrated, left out and even angry.
As a caregiver, you may think your first responsibility is to your loved one, but it’s really to yourself. To do the best, you must be in the best possible health yourself.

What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is anyone actively taking care of an older or disabled adult. Family members and friends who provide care to a loved one often think of themselves as daughters, husbands, partners, and friends – not caregivers. Identifying as a caregiver is the first, and often most important step, a person who is playing this important role can take.